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I am a Certified Machine Tool Sales Engineer (CMTSE) with over 30 years of machining experience. I have sold CNC machines to Barrett Firearms, Sabre Defence, and other weapons manufacturers. I developed my love for firearms hunting with my father when I was much younger and have been shooting most of my life.I am also a certified reloaded and produce optimum cartridges for target or sport. It's my desire to get law abiding people involved in preserving our second amendment rights, without the pressure of the hard sale found in most gun stores. Call me for any questions regarding your firearm needs.

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Jesse Pope - VP of Sales

Jesse is a walking "Janes Recognition Guide". I am constantley amazed at the amount of firearm knowlege he has aquired. He has the eyes of a hawk and is as steady as a tortoise in a coma. So if he says its acurate you can take it to the bank.

Jesse shooting his Taurus PT1911 DT.


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