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Taurus PT1911DT (click pic for Taurus website)

Not only do I love my AR-15’s but I also have the same passion for the 1911 Automatic pistol. This pistol celebrates its 100th birthday this year and is probably the best example of John Browning's genius. I chose this Taurus PT1911DT to display for two simple reasons. It looks good and is a great value.

You can buy very expensive 1911’s, but you can also buy inexpensive 1911’s. The Taurus is a relatively inexpensive 1911. My first concern with any defense weapon is quality and reliability. If it will not fire, if it stove pipes, or if it jams it could cost you or your loved one their lives.

All of the guns I recommend will past this test, but keep in mind even the best manufactures will produce a lemon. So… Why the Taurus?

I bought this pistol for my teenage son Jesse, he loved the beauty of the two tone slide and he customized it with a solid black compensator and Pachymar grips. He loves the way it looks. So…. Why the Taurus?

We have about $580 in this pistol and have probably shot 2000 rounds through it. It is insanely accurate, it has never jammed, Recoil with the compensator is minimal and it is the most fun to shoot of anything we own.

This is a gun I would trust with my life!  I  shoot it as often as I can, when I can get it away from Jesse.

The Pope