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I've been asked to present some tips to optimize your AR and give some common sense approaches to it's benefit as a self defense weapon. This video made by a film student, TK Pope, at the University of North Alabama shows my "late night" plotting in my underground bunker.

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Da Pope

AR15 Build Video - DPMS-EOtech-Surefire-Coastal Silencer-Grip pod

While the AR-15 is sold often as a Personal Defense weapon, it certainly would not be my first choice for HOME protection, I rely on my trusty Mossberg 500 Tactical for that task. I stagger the loads as follows: in the chamber a light target load, just an attention getter and something that gets my wife to round two and three which is number 4 "low recoil" buck shot. Following at the number four position is a 00 buck with five being a rifled slug. I should have taken care of business before the slug, but If I haven't then the slug will find the perp hiding behind the door.


No my AR is for larger areas  25 to 200 yards. Keep in mind the 5.56 was really intended to maim not kill, logic being a wounded enemy requires two comrades to carry him off the battlefield, thus taking 3 combatants out of the fight. If you want to kill then a 7.62

.308 (AR-10) is a better choice. However properly executed a 5.56 is extreamly lethal and in the right hands quite operational at a surgical level. Just watch some 3-Gun competitors for a full undwrstanding.