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This is the way we return control of the government back to the American people. Click on the above link to hear about Article 5 of the constitution and how it may be our saving grace. Through this constitutional right we can demand among other things, term limits for our elected officials. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. No lobbyist will spend the millions required to "BUY" a politician if they have to reinvest every 6 or 8 years. Every day I receive at least 10 pieces of mail wanting money to fight corruption, impeach Obama, defend our constitutional rights, abolish the IRS, and all of them want money. I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY MORE MONEY FOR THE GOVERMENT TO DO THE RIGHT THING! Work with your states and take your country back.

Click on the Tea Party Logo above to get full story, but in a nutshell.

DHS purchasing an additional 21.6 million rounds of ammunition on top of the already ordered 1.6 billion 5.56 hollow points. Also on order is 7,000 Personal Defense Weapons which are actully full automatic M4/M16's. So why do you need arifle with a 30 round clip. BECAUSE THE GOVERMENT WILL HAVE THE ADVANTAGE WHEN THEY COME FOR YOU!


Thanks for all the calls from those wanting AR-15’s and automatic pistols. It seems once again Obama is the best firearms salesman in the country. I wish however that was not the case and that the new President was one that would continue to uphold our constitutional rights. I will not make any comment on the election, just that I do believe there are now more of “Them” then there are of “Us”. So what do I mean by US. Well when I think of us I see that we are White, Black, Asian, Hispanic all races, we believe that less government is a good thing. We believe in the constitution, we believe that charity begins at home is shared by the Church and those with needs are helped by their neighbors not by a bureaucracy thousands of miles away. This way we can truly help those that
are deserving because we know those that are frauds and
undeserving. We don’t care what your religion is as long as it does not impose on the beliefs of other. We want the goal of all people to become successful as defined by their goals not the government’s goal. I don’t believe the goal should be
“average” but to be exceptional. The government thinks the goal for
everyone is to “get into the middle class”; I would challenge you to become filthy
rich the way it was when I was brought up. So please keep calling and I’ll keep the supply of firearms flowing until the government tries to stop me.


However Please, If you are a Democrat or if you voted for Obama don’t bother to contact me. I only sell guns to
intelligent individuals with high morals. If you voted for Obama then you have proven that you are too stupid to own a firearm.


God Bless
The Pope